Angus Reid: 40 % of Canadians Worried About Radicalized Individuals Living in Their Communities

Roughly half of all Canadians said they were either “confident” or “very confident” in the ability of Canada’s security services to prevent homegrown radicals from carrying out terrorist attacks here.


According to a recent poll by Angus Reid “some four-in-ten Canadians (41%) say they believe there are radicalized individuals living in their communities today. One-quarter (24%) say no such individuals exist where they live, and the rest (35%) are unsure”

The poll further found that 54% of individuals viewed homegrown terrorism as a genuine threat rather than something that is overblown by politicians and the media.

Why Does This Matter?

This is an extremely interesting and polarized response.

As a whole, the data represents a marginal shift towards a reduction in the fear of a possible attack (fewer people believe we are in danger today than in 2014) from some portions of the polled population, while also showing a marginal increase in the fear that we have radicalized individuals living within our communities.

How can these two things occur without there being a direct separation between voters?

I suspect that it cant without ideological seperation, and as a result, the nation may be heading further towards a state of divisive politics or at least differentiated politics s more and more individuals adopt beliefs which likely oppose that of their fellow Canadians in another city or perhaps province.

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  1. So 40% of the people are satisfied – That correlates the rest into 2 groups – Those sheep terrified that we’re at risk and the remaining so cautious of being accused of islamophobia – we don’t really experience Amish parking IED’s garden sheds in the middle of the night to the sound of clapping hooves – Do we ? …..

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