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Andrew Scheer says more ex-Bloc Quebecois members will join the Tories

SAINT-HYACINTHE, Que. — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer rallied his Quebec troops today at a general council meeting east of Montreal.

Scheer told the party’s Quebec wing in Saint-Hyacinthe that there will be more former Bloc Quebecois members joining their ranks.

He was referring to Saturday’s announcement that ex-Bloc Quebecois leader Michel Gauthier was joining the party as a member.

The Bloc has been in disarray since seven of the party’s 10 members of Parliament quit in February over differences with their current leader.

On Sunday, Scheer invited disillusioned federalists and Quebec nationalists alike to join the Conservative fold.

The Conservatives are looking to build on their gains in Quebec from the last election, when they went from seven to 12 seats in Quebec.

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