Does Andrew Scheer Meet The Left’s Twisted Tolerance Standards?

Recently, Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer sat down an interview in which he claimed that the Conservative Party, under his leadership, was actually more tolerant than Liberal Party under Justin Trudeau’s leadership.

At first glance, this may seem like an odd statement coming from a conservative leader. Aren’t liberals supposed to be the more tolerant ones? Don’t conservatives usually balk at change and abide by a stricter moral code whereas liberals embrace change and let people live as they please?

While these patterns have been may have historically true, they seem to no longer apply to the current political scenario in Canada in 2018. On contentious matters such as abortion and transgenderism, the Liberal party, under Trudeau’s leadership, enforces a strict moral code upon its caucus members and candidates where they must fully support “a woman’s right to choose” and must fully accept and affirm the new reality of the 21rst century that biological men can become women and vice versa.

If you contrast this to Scheer’s party, there is no such strict moral code enforced upon MP’s or candidates when it comes to these contentious social matters. Caucus members are allowed to hold their own personal views on these topics and are permitted to vote as they please on these issues.

In all fairness to Trudeau though, there has not been a real contentious vote under Scheer’s leadership that would see these standards put to the test. However, for the time being, one must conclude that it is only under the big blue tent of the Conservative party that a diversity of opinions are allowed on these hot button social issues.

The Globe And Mail Editorial Smear

Now, in light of all this, I find myself quite confused by a recent editorial published by The Globe And Mail in response to their earlier article on Scheer’s tolerance levels entitled “Andrew Scheer’s weird tolerance level.”

In this short piece, the writer, whom I can only assume holds a senior editorial position at the Globe, manages to somehow accuse Scheer of having a more intolerant stance than Trudeau because he claims a Scheer government would “would silence any Conservative MPs who tried to raise the issue [of abortion]” and that the fact that Scheer does not march in Pride parades signals to his base that he is not a supporter of LGBT rights.

To put it bluntly, these accusations are absurd and utterly unfounded.

Scheer’s Abortion Position

Scheer has never once said that he will silence those who wish to bring up the issue of abortion in his party. He has merely stated that his government would not reopen the issue or bring forward any legislation on it.  This, of course, does not prevent any Conservative backbench MP from expressing their views on this issue and bringing forward a Private Member’s Bill on abortion.

The author of this editorial also makes the point that Scheer’s position on abortion is one of political expediency and not of principle like that of Trudeau’s. The author makes the claim that this would “cost him votes in a country where abortion rights are supported by the majority, and by the Supreme Court.”

To this I would counter with the fact that the Supreme Court’s 1988 decision in R v Morgentaler unanimously found that state has an interest in protecting fetal life and left the final decision as to when the line should be drawn to Parliament. They ultimately failed to come up with a law before the Supreme Courts deadline which lead to today’s current Canadian legal setting in where there are absolutely no restrictions on abortions at any stage of the pregnancy.  Given that little tidbit of history, according to Environics Research Group, 7 in 10 Canadians support a restriction on abortion at least some point during the pregnancy.

Scheer’s Position On LGBT Rights

So, in addition to these ludicrous and factually inaccurate claims by the editorial’s author on Scheer’s abortion stance, the author also is in the wrong when it comes to Scheers support of basic LGBT rights.

While Scheer may not be spending his time strutting around virtue signalling in Pride parades across the country, he has made it very clear, particularly in his recent statement, that he and his party will stand up for persecuted sexual minorities around the world; including in politically toxic places such as Iran and Russia, a topic that the Prime Minister has been eerily quiet on as of late.

So, while liberal, mainstream media outlets like The Globe And Mail continue to smear Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party for not being progressive and tolerant enough, all the while ignoring Trudeau’s hardline stances on social and moral issues, fiscally responsible Canadians, both socially liberal and conservative alike, can rest assured knowing that they have a home inside the big blue tent of Andrew Scheer’s Conservative Party.


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