Andrew Scheer : Liberals have no plan on how to deal with Quebec migrant issue

We recently got the opportunity to ask Conservative party leader what would he would in regards to rapidly growing migrant crisis which has been developing on the Quebec- US border for the last two years, and has already cost Quebec hundreds of millions of dollars, as over 100 people cross per day. 

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Andrew Scheer in Montreal, Quebec at the Sheraton Hotel.

We recently got the opportunity to ask the leader of the Conservative Party what he would do regarding the rapidly growing migrant crisis which has been developing on the Quebec-US border for the last two years. It has already cost Quebec hundreds of millions of dollars, and over 100 people cross per day.

Andrew’s response was quite interesting. The summarized version of his response appears below.

Q: What would a Conservative government do in regards to the migrant crisis that is occurring at the Quebec border, and would it be different than the current Liberal plan?

“Yes, absolutely I can assure it will be different because the Liberals have no plan. Absolutely nothing.

We raised this issue even before our leadership race, our individual mp’s brought it up months ahead.

Internal notes from the immigration department tell us that when Justin Trudeau tweeted out #allarewelcome there where real consequences, it gave people the idea that they could cross illegally into Canada, and they took him on that offer. Its dangerous for the people crossing illegally, and it’s also unfair to the thousands of people in Canada waiting to be reunited with a loved one because as those people cross illegally they put more stress on the department.

As we learn more and more on the impact its had on Quebec, I think the stats for the number of new people added to the schools it’s equal to 5 primary schools. The federal government has not offered anything to compensate for that. We’ve offered a number of ideas like declaring all crossings official crossings… we don’t even know if this government is proposing to work with the American government on this issue. ”

What do you think of Andrew Scheer’s response? Let us know below!


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  1. I don’t think Andrew Scheer told us much of anything on how the Conservatives would do anything differently. We need to hear more about what his plans are to right the Liberals wrongs. How is he going to be better than Trudeau? Tell the Canadian public what the Conservatives will do if elected next year. You already have my vote but, you need to win a lot more votes if you hope to be elected.

    1. I think we need to tell him that. I am going to send him a tweet with a link to this article because I know he pays attention to what people say. He told Roy Green, for example, that he has been trying to speak more plainly without dithering and he did that as the direct result of feedback from the public. So let him know. Tell your MP, send email, phone his office, or send him a tweet.

    2. I actually like that he does not say his plans, leave it for election time. Andrew knows that Liberals like to steal other people’s ideas and claim them as their own when in power. The people that follow politics know this, but the Liberals bank on the millions of voters who do not follow the everyday stuff to not realize they stole the idea.

  2. WELL…… he asked what your plan is,,..?? , do you not have a plan either!! ! DO NOTkeep up with platitudes or we cant tell the difference between Cons or the STUPID LIBERALS

  3. Andrew didn’t really answer the question except to indicate he has no plan. He says he has ideas, plural, one or none of which may provide a solution. This is not good enough. Andrew must at some point abandon fence sitting and take a stand on issues like this one.

  4. What is the plan? Close the border between the US and Quebec, would be a good start. Retract the open welcome plan from Trudeau. Stop immigration for a period of time to vet according to legislation and disperse the illegals across Canada so they can assimilate into society. Stop minimizing social expenditures that is affecting all Canadian services, Canadians first and foremost! MAKE A PAN PC PARTY OF FREEDOM! Stop the Political correctness..and tell us

  5. Andrew needs to go out and spray everyone with media and ideas, show them how demonic it would be if that kid will keep on standing there with his tattoo and pretty hair and continue kissing terrorist butts. We don’t want to be in Europe’s boat with millions of refugees stealing everyone’s jobs and in many cases, even lives. We want Canada to be safe and affordable for our current and next generation. How are my future kids going to survive if I can’t even buy myself a small suburban condo with a $65k income. Why? Because Canada approves anyone for mortgage. With Trudeau, anyone from south Asia can sell their house and last pair of pants just to come here to Canada with minimal English/ethics and put a down payment on our neighbours house while work at entry level jobs. But what about us? Us Canadians? Us Europeans? Us aboriginals? Why do they get priority and so many benefits but we don’t?

  6. I was not impressed with his statement. There is only one solution, protect our border. Use the military if needed, that is the reason we have an army.

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