Ancient Egypt Themed Party Canceled Due to “Cultural Appropriation”

As attacks based on "cultural appropriation" continue one has to ask at what point will we be allowed to enjoy each other's cultures?

A photo of Ancient Egypt
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A Night Left in Disappointment

A fraternity party at the University of Michigan in Ann Harbour has been canceled after the Fraternity was accused of appropriating ancient Egyptian culture.

The Daily Wire reports that a Facebook invitation for the now canceled party stated:

“Come to Delta Sig as a mummy, Cleopatra, or King Tut, it doesn’t matter to us. Get your best ancient Egyptian robe and headdress and be ready to party in the desert. Be careful though, it’s going to get HOT.”

Student Response

One student who took an issue with the party was Egyptian Student Association President Yasmeen Afifi. On a Facebook post, Afifi wrote:

“It is more saddening to see students from the top public university in the United States engaging in these ignorant stereotypes. My Egyptian roots are far more significant than a simple costume or a lame party. I take pride in the grandeur of my people’s legacy and will not allow my culture to be appropriated for your entertainment.”

“Although I’m not surprised and couldn’t expect more out of a white fraternity, the conversation still needs to be had. This ignorance and disrespect is not an isolated incident and it appears the white frats didn’t learn after Theta Xi’s “Hood Ratchet Thursday” party. It’s unfortunate and pathetic that they lack the creativity to throw a fun party without being at the expense of another culture and people.” (…)

“White people need to cognizant of their identity and their role throughout history. White people have invaded, stolen, erased, and defaced numerous ancient Egyptian artifacts, symbols and temples in attempt to claim one of the greatest civilizations as their own. Europeans have worked so diligently to eliminate all traces of African facial features by lightening skin colors of painted relics inside tombs and temples.”

Cultural Segmentation

As attacks based on “cultural appropriation” continue one has to ask at what point will we be allowed to enjoy each other’s cultures? This is not a modern trend, rather this is old view racism packaged by the left as new humane cause to champion. This is a trend where your race decides what you can wear, and what activities you can take part in.

If anything this story shows that as the SJW “cultural appropriation” trend becomes stronger, the movement for cultural segregation, in turn, becomes stronger.

We are not moving forward by trying to adopt these “Liberal” views, we are going back.


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