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America’s Congressional deadline to finalize NAFTA deal nearing, Canadian Foreign Minister will not settle

Canada talks

Foreign Affairs Minister, Chrystia Freeland, has revealed to reporters in Washington that her intention to maintain NAFTA is rooted on negotiations that are fundamental towards the well-being of Canadians.

After meeting her American colleague, the United States Trade Representative, Robert Lightizer, she stated, “The only target we are aiming for is getting a good deal for Canada.”

Essentially, when pressed on why the compromises regarding NAFTA were taking such an abundant amount of time, Freeland discusses that usually it takes a substantial amount of time to come up with just negotiations.

Freeland insists that, as NAFTA is a significant issue, “13 month for a very deep modernization of the kind we’re working is absolutely normal.”

The Foreign Minister further discussed that both trade agreements and the economy are complicated and need some more time to update.

“I am paid in Canadian dollars.  U.S. legislators are in U.S. dollars…  It is my job to stand up for national interest,” Freeland tells American journalists who asked about whether Canada should “step it up,” a comment made by U.S. House Ways and Means committee chairman Kevin Brady, in an interview with CNBC.

The Canadian Foreign Minister and her team of negotiators have been working diligently in order to acquire an optimistic response from U.S. President Donald Trump.

Looking for protection

Opportunities for NAFTA to be fully done this week are diminishing.  Officials in Washington are expected to to be finishing high-level meetings as of this week.

The Canadian side seems to be a little bit less responsive towards the urgency of subscribing to a new deal.  Freeland is apparently unavailable Friday for these key NAFTA discussions, as she will be hosting a summit of female foreign ministers in Montreal.

As Freeland is busy catering towards other foreign ministers, Canadians are still promoting their ideals for protections against American tariffs.

A source with substantial insight on the current deal explains that Canadians want to remain non-threatening to Americans, but also want to see their national security interests protected.

The same source claims that Trump is treating tariffs like a “toy”, liberally applying them when he wants to.  In this case, Canada is still unable to obtain the assurances it deserves.

Deadline in sight?

As the deadline draws nearer, Canadian dairy farming remains a high point of controversy.

American negotiators do not seem to be content with Canada’s proposition of making the Canadian market for accessible for American farmers.

Even though Americans have reached an agreement in principle last month with Mexico, the US is attempting to finalize a deal with Canada before October 1st.  The deadline maintains the congressional timeline for NAFTA to be signed before a presidency change in Mexico on December 1st.

It seems to be that Canadians have had a decent amount of time to negotiate NAFTA.  It took Trudeau quite a long time to finally start settling issues with the Americans, and now that Freeland is gone for the weekend in Montreal, that is another few days that she will not be a principle negotiating player.

More stories like this, only at The Post Millennial.

In the mean time, check out Brian Lilley’s response to Freeland being in a conference comparing President Donald Trump to a dictator:

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