Alberta NDP is Using Extremely Harmful Rhetoric


Patriotic Dad Takes on Alberta’s NDP

Patriotic Dad provides commentary on the harmful rhetoric that has been coming from the Alberta NDP recently.

1. Rachel Notley recently accused a member of the Alberta Party and the UCP of “mansplaining” and “he-peating” in the legislature suggesting that it is sexist to simply question a female member of the NDP.

2. The Debate around Gay-Straight Alliances or GSA’s as they are commonly referred to is heating back up. The UCP believes that parents should be informed when kids join a GSA under certain circumstances however the NDP feels that children as young as 5 should give consent prior to having the parents informed.

3. Recently the Catholic school board in Alberta proposed they develop a Catholic sex ed curriculum. In doing so they signaled something referring to consent, triggering the NDP to assume that this meant the Catholic school board would teach an absence of consent is appropriate in sexual relationships.

The Catholic school board has defended their stance as they teach consent as the bare minimum requirement, and other things also need to be considered such as sex within marriage. Patriotic Dad sounds off on these topics from an every day Albertans perspective


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