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Longtime NDP MLA Deron Bilous of Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview had to apologize for some less than stellar statements made on the floor that showed just how out of touch he was from everyday Albertans.

Amongst other out-of-touch statements, Bilous made clear that he believes that if your business had to pay “a few thousand dollars extra a month” because of their carbon tax, then “maybe you need to look at your business plan.”

It appeared as though Bilous didn’t understand that for the majority of small businesses, “a few thousand dollars extra a month” could be a small business’ entire profit margin, two-fold.

Not just that, those extra profits could also be used to hire more employees, such as part-time waitresses, waiters, and other student jobs which would boost the economy.

It appeared as though even Bilous knew that his statement was one of pomp. The next day, Bilous made an apology, along with a tweet showing a video of his statement.

Bilous admitted to poorly phrasing his message, stating that he “mischaracterized the impact of the carbon tax on small businesses.”

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