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Alberta couple cause uproar over photo of kiss in front of dead lion

Alberta couple cause uproar over photo of kiss in front of dead lion 

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A viral photo showing an Edmonton couple kissing behind a dead lion they had killed during a trip to South Africa has caught the two in a world of online backlash. 

The “romantic” photo with the Earth’s newest dead lion was posted to a Facebook page belonging to Legelela Safari, a company which gives customers the opportunity to kill a wide range of animals, including lions and giraffes.

The caption on the photo states the Edmonton couple’s names, Carolyn and Darren Carter.

Big game hunting is legal in South Africa.

“Hard work in the hot Kalahari sun,” read the caption.

A second photo displays the two with the carcass of a male white lion.

Social media irrupted in anger, as it is wont to do. The photo caused angry comments as many flocked the Carters’ Facebook page to let their online rage be heard.

Keyboards clacked, and thus the uproar began.

Many pulled no punches, expressing themselves eloquently.

The Legelela Safaris Facebook page has since been deleted, as well as their Twitter. The Carters, though, did not seem to mind too much, tweeting from their taxidermy account that they’re headed back to Africa.

“Back in South Africa! Part two of our safari!” they tweeted on June 26.

Solitude Taxidermy’s website displays the couple posing with various animals, including polar bears.

“We are hunters, and we know the significance of great taxidermy,” the site says. Legelela Safaris’ website lists prices for over two dozen animals including a baboon (US$200), a wildebeest ($850), a giraffe ($3,000) and a hyena ($3,500). Prices for a rhino, an elephant, a lion or a hippo can be provided on request, according to the site.

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