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Alberta company that turns garbage into fuel expanding operations

Alberta company that turns garbage into fuel expanding operations 

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An Alberta company that makes diesel from garbage is planning to take the company a step further by adding three new plants—all in southern Alberta.

Cielo Waste Solutions and Renewable Energy currently operates near Lethbridge, AB and plans to make the expansion later this year. So far they’ve started a trial plant in Aldersyde, AB.

The company produces biodiesel fuel by mixing waste and motor oil that has already been recycled. The end product is meant to be a high-grade fuel at a low cost.

CTV reported that the fuel has been used in both vehicles and jets. 

Since the recent success of the company, they want to bring the new plants to Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, and Brooks.

Director at the company, Lionel Robins said, “Any kind of wood waste, plastics – all seven types, not just a few plastics—all the clamshell plastics that just been buried in the past, rubber, municipal sod waste. Basically everything but rock, metal and glass.”

By next summer, the company is planning to have all of their new plants in full operation. 

They have started construction on an additional plant in Grande Prairie, Alberta.

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