CBC Bias Caught

If you follow the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Canada’s public broadcaster, you’ve probably noted a significant number of articles that have been negative towards Air Canada.

Air Canada recently took their problems with Air Canada’s coverage online with their official Facebook page posting private emails detailing the conversation between the CBC and Air Canada.

Email Chain Explained

The email chain is in regards to CBC producer, Talin Vartanian, who wrote to Air Canada asking about Air Canada’s boarding procedures. Talin did not receive a response at first, until Air Canada replied to  Vartanian with detailed responses. It then seems Vartanian accidentally responds to all members instead of his team, commenting

We can skip all the bullshit. The bottom line is we say “Air Canada continues to employ the least efficient and most time consuming boarding system.”

Regardless of your views on the CBC itself, this is a serious issue regarding journalistic integrity, and the CBC must respond.


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