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Branded content – A collaborative multi-story, multi-segment campaign created directly, or indirectly, on behalf of an advertiser or sponsor. Branded content is created by a writer/producer, who is not a member of the TPMS editorial staff.  Branded content is information of value that is uniquely relevant to the audience.

Featured Content – Linking directly to high-value content on external websites, and leveraging the brand equity of a partner. TPMs editorial staff are not involved in the creation of this content.

Sponsored content – A multi-story, multi-segment campaign based on a broad theme of interest to an advertiser or sponsor. Created by The Post Millennial editorial staff, sponsored content is not subject to any editorial direction or influence by the client. Sponsored content associates the client with high-quality journalism and assures prominent placement within the Global News story stream.

Start-Up Launch Program

Are you a startup getting ready to launch?

Great companies are launching every day. Often, the biggest challenge for new brands is breaking through and getting attention from potential customers. Good stories often go untold.

We choose one brand to “launch” each quarter in exchange for a performance-based royalty (you only pay us if people buy your stuff)! We’ll look for products and/or services our audience will relate to, and bring it to life in a big way across our platforms & channels.

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