Yet another horse has died, and it’s again thanks to the chuckwagon races at the Calgary Stampede.

Chad Harden has been fined $10,000 and has been disqualified from the remainder of the Calgary Stampede. According to CBC, it was his aggressive action which lead to Evan Solomon’s accident, in which his lead horse had hit a guard rail, and stumbled to the ground at Stampede Park.

Managers at the Stampede say that the accident was caused when driver Chad Harden began to obstruct the path of another driver, causing the third wagon which belonged to Salmond to hit the rail.

“The Calgary Stampede has a zero-tolerance policy for preventable accidents and injuries, and the care and safety of the animals that participate in our events is our highest priority,” said the organization.

Salmond was reportedly uninjured.

The disqualification means that Harden will not be invited back to compete at the Stampede.

Harden comes from a long line of wagon racers, being a third-generation racer himself. At the 2012 Calgary, three of his horses died when his wagon tumbled. At the time, he called their deaths devastating. 

“With the death of two horses on previous nights of racing, this has been a difficult time for us and the greater chuckwagon community,” the Stampede said in the statement. “Seeing injuries, despite the best and safest conditions possible, is hard. Knowing an injury was avoidable is much harder.”

The Stampede first started in 1886 and has made news for controversies since at least 1986, when a major accident involving the death of five horses along with the deaths of four others at the Stampede caused major rule changes to the chuckwagon racing event.