A Summer Election Sounding More Likely

A summer election could be rapidly becoming a possibility.

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Trudeau and Scheer
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On the most recent TPM live-cast, I had the chance to interview both The Ottawa Citizens Former Editor-in-Chief, and current Professor at Mcgill University Andrew Potter, and journalist Brian Lilley.

One of the topics we discussed, was the highly implausible but interesting possibility of a snap-summer election.

Live Cast: You can view that live-cast by clicking here.

At that time, the discussion largely revolved around two articles written by husband and wife duo Don Lenihan and 

Today, I believe we have the first steps being taken by the Liberal government to ensure their capacity to call such an election – if it is needed.

What are they doing exactly?

“The party is reportedly trying to rush through as many nominations this summer, at “a very quick pace” according to a party spokesperson. It has decided to ban nomination contests in most ridings, including for every incumbent who meets the following conditions”


  • Participate in two or more “voter contact day of action” events in the last 12 months
  • Record 3500 doors knocked or 5000 phone calls made
  • Fundraise at least half of the ridings expense limit
  • Provide a written plan for raising the rest of the funds required to reach the expense limit
  • Signed up at least 30 new monthly donors
  • Collect 150 nomination signatures from local party members

Why Does This Matter?

The move to rapidly firm up nominations greatly increases the odds that the party is preparing for an election.

Furthermore, limiting candidacies and forcing them to be done a year in advance, screams that there is a need to be prepared far earlier than normal, especially since the party is giving up months of time and effort that could be used to find better local candidates.

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  1. a snap election? somehow I doubt it. trudeau will ride the ‘gravy train’ as long as he can. he doesn’t care about the job he is doing or the effect it is having on every day common Canadians. he will ride the storm til the very very end.

    1. he will ride it out because they plan on bringing illegals to match Canadian voters he wants isis in place for jobs in the government and he wants to remove whilte males from being hired in the government he wants to milk us dry and make sure the laws for illegals allows them to vote

  2. we have to get rid of trudeau,,we are doomed if we don’t,,,he doesn’t have a clue as to what is going on,,,,only if there are cameras there,,

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