A Self Confessed ISIS Killer Walks Free – Because It’s 2018

He said the second killing left him feeling “disgusted” (you know because the first one wasn't enough) and made him determined to return to his parents in Canada.

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“You had to know how to slice a head off,”

He depicted a group execution, in which he shot a middle-aged Muslim man in the back of the head. “It’s justified… you’re not going to be held accountable,” he said he told himself.

On another occasion, he took part in a community killing, stabbing a drug dealer in the heart. “The blood was warm, and it sprayed everywhere,” he said. “I had to stab him multiple times.”

He said the second killing left him feeling “disgusted” (you know because the first one wasn’t enough) and made him determined to return to his parents in Canada.

He soon after escaped to Turkey, and from there made it to his grandparents’ home in Pakistan.

He eventually made his way home to Canada, lying to immigration authorities at the airport that he’d spent the past ten months at a university in Pakistan.

“I said it in a way so that it didn’t seem I was lying,” he said.

The story above describes specific segments of  New York Times Caliphate podcast which recently followed the experiences of Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi, a Canadian which had initially left the country to fight and kill for ISIS.

Listening to the podcast is eye-opening, to say the least.

It explores the inner workings of the organization, from how they recruit to how they train.

As an individual interested in understanding more of about this truly evil organization, I can’t stop myself from praising the New York Times after they have put out such high-quality journalism.

On the other hand, I am perplexed and worried after listening to this podcast, as heard plainly it shows there is a self-confessed killer who has lied to immigration officials on the loose in Canada’s biggest city.

So why is this happening?

Our allies such as France and the United Kingdom either revoke the passports of their citizens which fight for ISIS or kill them on the battlefield.

In Canada according to brief note released by Liberal Minister Goodale, Canadians have a “right to return,” and also to be prosecuted under Canadian law.

Documents released to Bell under the Access to Information Act suggest that criminal charges are unlikely to be brought against returning ISIL fighters because they require evidence of the individual’s activity in the war-zone, or because they rely on information provided by partners that the RCMP is not authorized to disclose in court.

This difficulty in the transfer of field information to case evidence has meant only a couple of prosecutions have proceeded in recent years.

A Real Danger

Regardless of current judicial problems, Canadians cannot be allowed to return to Canada after committing vast atrocities, free from consequences.

It is morally and logically irresponsible to set this standard, and something that I believe the greater majority of Canadians will have a problem accepting.

How can the Canadian people believe that they are safe when self-confessed murderers can freely roam our streets?

If the Trudeau government wants to be taken seriously on issues of security they cannot allow such apparent problems to continue.

It is understandable that taking on a legislative task of this proportion is difficult, but so is real change.

While the Prime Minister has been willing to take symbolic action, in many cases, he has been unwilling to push for the change the nation needs directly.

It’s time the Prime Ministers slogan was used to denote real action, instead of empty slogans.


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  1. THAT IS EXACTLY THE WAY IT IS GOING TO BE AND WHY EVERY ISIS TERRORIST IS GOING TO WALK THROUGH THAT OPEN BORDER. THEY KNOW TRUDEAU WILL SUPPORT THEM, LITERALLY, IN EVERY WAY THEY NEED AND THEY WILL **NEVER** HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR DEMONIC/HEINOUS CRIMES! And that is just assuming they are even done yet, what better place to dig in than a country who’d leader supports you, makes excuses for you, will make sure if your caught doing anything it will NEVER be a charge of terrorism. What better place than CANADA now that he’s flooding this country using 8+ different immigration, refugee/fake refugee/ILLEGAL migrants/open border – that he can use. Refuses to close border, laid off HALF immigration judges for ‘diversity sake’ and has only replaced ONE seat. Reneges on electoral reform/east counts first (where is he warehousing them?)… Floods country to such a degree causing critical bottleneck in system where EVEN CRIMINALS who illegally crossed border have ‘entitlements’, such as due processes… EVERY set of feet walking across costs US up to $500.000 in court fees alone, ALL will wait, on welfare w/medical, affordable housing, dental, social programs… ELEVEN YEARS before even seeing a judge once..if denied they get up to 7 appeals. According to study FEW IF ANY of the deportation orders have been carried out. ‘Refugee Rush’ was found to have been FAKED, refugees had already been resettled in SAFE COUNTRIES before Trudeau used propaganda to convince us to bring them here saying ‘they were suffering in camps’, THAT WAS A LIE AND HE GOT AWAY WITH IT. He gave every one of them early citizenship/right to vote in 2019. ADD those to all the others – his PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION, will = AMNESTY. AMNESTY = VOTES. east counts first.. RIGGING THE ELECTION USING IMMIGRATION, REFUGEES AND OPEN BORDER.

    1. it truly frightens me what is going on here with this. i wish more Canadians would get angry and start really protesting. so many are still asleep to these facts.

  2. The reason the selfie drama queen is letting in all his new friends is so he’ll have more votes for the next election. It is because of his treasonous acts against Canada and her citizens I joined the III% Canada. At least I know my family will have half a chance when the SHTF. For those who may have misconceptions of what III% are, We are a patriotic Prepping and Survival Group. Not a biker gang, I myself don’t even ride a motorbike nor the desire to. I am former military (Reservist) and teach my family survival skills. Sorry for rambling. I do know if the selfie drama queen does get back in Canada will be finished, and that is a scary scary thought.

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