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A merman is running for office in Newfoundland
A merman is running for office in Newfoundland
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A merman is running for office in Newfoundland 

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Update: A former version of this article misgendered Hasan Hai as a “mermaid.” We regret the error.

The candidate for Mount Pearl–Southlands, NL has an interesting hobby, and it could potentially give him a leg up—or a flipper up, on his opponents.

Hasan Hai’s Facebook page for his campaign in Mount Pearl looks normal enough. But when you take a quick look at his “About” page, you may notice that it says Hasan is a man of many hats “and occasionally a tail.” What could that mean? Well, it has to do with a term that you’re perhaps not familiar with, “Merb’y.”

According to a deep dive by the CBC, Merb’ys are quipped as being the magical sea creatures who are raising a “boatload of money” for Spirit Horse NL, a very honourable cause that aims to grant therapeutic interactions with horses to those with mental health issues.

The Mount Pearl candidate Hasan Hai, is also the founder of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Beard and Moustache Club, but says he instinctively knew that the club could join forces with the charity. “I figured right away that this is a cause our club can get behind.”

Through that charity and other efforts, Hasan has helped raise over $500,000 and awareness for charities and foundations across the province.

Though participation in such activity might be outside of the comfort zones of many Canadians, you can still donate to their charity efforts here.

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