A 74-year-old woman was pushed to the ground by police during an anti-pipeline demonstration on Wednesday in Vancouver.

The incident took place outside a lunchtime Liberal fundraising event. Prime Minister Trudeau was in attendance.

The video showed a woman approaching a police officer and another man in a suit, when the woman was then violently pushed down backwards, falling to the ground.

The woman appeared dazed, as other crowd members rushed to ensure her that she was not seriously injured. Some propped up her head, as it appeared as though the disoriented woman may have hit her head on the concrete.

While the crowd aided the women, other members of the pipeline protest filmed the face of the officer who protestors saw push the woman.

Upon a closer review of the video, it appears as though the suited man instigated the push by initially grabbing her before the shove occurred. Then, both men appear to push the woman down.

“You just pushed this old woman to the f*cking ground!” yelled one protestor in anger to the officer’s face, recording the incident.

CTV News Vancouver’s David Molko reports that the woman has been identified as Susan Stout from North Vancouver.

Meanwhile, things weren’t all sunshine-and-lollipops inside the fundraiser either, as the event was interrupted by another protestor, who decided to give Prime Minister Trudeau a piece of his mind.

Will George of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, called Trudeau a “liar and a weak leader.”

“Those are our spiritual highways. You have no right to do that to us. You’re a liar and a weak leader. Why didn’t you sit down with my people? Why’d you talk to them?” said George.

As George was being escorted out of the event, Trudeau responded to him, saying “Please give everyone outside my best, their voices are really important as we approach this next election.”

The federal government is in the midst of consultations with Indigenous groups on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion proposal. Ottawa has until June 18 to make a decision on the project.