A new report has been released by Nanos/Globe and Mail highlighting potential worries in regards to marijuana legalization.

Lack of Confidence in Federal and Provincial Governments

The report highlights a stark lack of confidence in political leadership across the board, stating:

“Nearly six in ten Canadians are not confident or somewhat not confident that the federal and provincial governments will be prepared for the legalization of marijuana – Almost six in ten Canadians are not confident (36%) or somewhat not confident (21%) that the federal and provincial governments will be prepared with a legal framework for the sale and distribution of legalized marijuana by July 1 of next year. Twenty-eight per cent are somewhat confident, while 11 per cent are confident. Four per cent are unsure.

Effect on Youth

The report also highlights a perceived impact on youth, noting that a large majority of Canadians assume that legalization will increase usage amount younger users.

The report notes:

“Almost half of Canadians say legalizing marijuana will lead to an increase in consumption by those under 18 – Nearly one in two Canadians (48%) say legalizing marijuana in Canada will lead to an increase of the consumption of marijuana by Canadians under the age of 18, while 35 per cent say there will be no impact and seven per cent say it will decrease. Ten per cent are unsure.”

Ontario’s Released Plan

The report likely heavily favors the individuals from the province of Ontario as it is one of two provinces to release any real plan for legalization. Ontario’s plan aims to roll out a government controlled crown corporation much in the same vein as Quebec SAQ, and the provinces own LCBO.

Ontario’s plan remains controversy-ridden as police, illegal dispensary, likely users, among others aggressively arguing against its vast number of problems.

Last week, the House of Commons health committee heard from witnesses on the marijuana bill.

“Canadian police services will not be equipped to provide officers with the training and resources necessary to enforce the new regime within the existing contemplated timeframe,” said a brief from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

While police stress their lack of capability Ontario’s provincial government with a great push from the Federal government continue to move forward with legalization for the July 1st deadline.

This lack of attention is likely why most Canadians feel governments at all levels will fail at rolling out a smooth legalization of marijuana.


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