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5 Times Justin Trudeau has resorted to insults and name-calling

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has had a long career of making apologies, and usually not for his own actions.

Well before he became the most powerful man in Canada, Justin Trudeau has had a long career of name-calling. Here are the five times Justin Trudeau has insulted somebody or an entire group of people.

1. When he called PC Environment Minister Peter Kent a “piece of shit” in the House of Commons

In 2011 during a heated exchange in parliament on the Kyoto protocol, the then sitting MP Justin Trudeau interrupted Peter Kent and shouted “oh, you piece of shit!” When pressed on his comments, Trudeau admitted his remark was unparliamentary and withdrew the comment.

2. Implied Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives were Islamophobic for questioning the re-integration of ISIS fighters into society

During a 2017 session in parliament, Andrew Scheer had the audacity to question whether re-integrating Canadians who fought for ISIS back into society was such a good idea. Justin Trudeau responded to the reasonable question with a fiery tirade on how the Conservatives ran an election on “Islamophobia and division”. Scheer’s response: Nobody voted in the last election, to elect a government that would be so focused on the rights of ISIS terrorists”.

3. Called an elderly woman racist for questioning the cost of illegal border crossings

Earlier this month at an official Liberal party event in Sabrevois, Quebec, Justin Trudeau was heckled by an onlooker who asked ““I want to know when you are going to refund the $146 million we paid for your illegal immigrants”. After dismissing her concerns as anti-immigrant and calling her racist, she was then abruptly harassed by plainclothes RCMP agents.

When questioned about the encounter, Trudeau unapologetically said he was taking a stand against hate speech and the politics of division in Canada.

4. When he implied veterans were being greedy by saying they were “asking for too much”

During a town hall meeting in Nanaimo, B.C, Justin Trudeau was confronted by a veteran on the Liberal government’s wasteful spending and ongoing legal battle with veteran groups. He responded by saying “veterans are asking for too much right now”.

5. Forgot Albertans exists during Canada Day

During an embarrassing slip at Canada 150 celebrations, Justin Trudeau listed off every province except for Alberta. When realising his glaring mistake he sulkily came back on stage a few minutes later and included the province as a part of Canada.

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  • No way to prove this of course but I'm sure he didn't "forget" Alberta. He did that as an insult to us. He hates us. He hates the Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, but he REALLY hates Alberta. What a "piece of shit" prime minister he is...

    • So did his scummy faced alleged father. They were a family of men who preferred the male youth to women. This I find unacceptable so can't support the lifestyle. I fear for his children.

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