30 Native Groups Oppose Liberal Bill C-48 Which Potentially Crushes $16 Billion Pipeline Project

Eagle Spirit is also not alone as over 30 First Nations groups are actively fighting back against Trudeau’s Bill C-48.

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Another Blow to Pipeline Development in Canada

It seems like Canadians may not be able to trust the Prime Minister when he states that he will do everything in his power to push through the Trans Mountain Pipeline, seeing as it’s in the national interest.


Because every time he shows a moment of support for the oil industry, he also turns around and pushes another roadblock in front of its development.

First, we saw the government pay through grants trans-mountain protestors. That’s right, taxpayers funds were going to pay professional protestors.

More recently the Trudeau government has passed bill C-48, a bill to ban oil tankers all the way from the northern part of Vancouver Island to the BC-Alaska border, putting the Trans Mountain pipeline in danger and continuing the Liberal trend of speaking in support of development while actively crippling Canada’s energy industry.

Interestingly enough it now seems that even indigenous business are angry as according to a recent report“an Indigenous-owned company called Eagle Spirit — which hopes to build a 1,500-km pipeline that would carry up to two million barrels of crude per day from near Fort McMurray to tidewater — has already launched legal action in a B.C. court to stop Bill C-48.”

Eagle Spirit is also not alone as over 30 First Nations groups are actively fighting back against Trudeau’s Bill C-48.

Indigenous Rights Defended

The Chiefs Council against Bill C-48 recently took to GoFundMe to voice their displeasure at the move:

“The purpose of this page is to assist over 30 impoverished First Nations with legal and administrative costs needed to fight the Government’s unilaterally imposed Oil Tanker Moratorium Act and the Great Bear Rainforest–both of which were established largely through the lobbying of foreign-financed ENGOs and without the consultation and consent of First Nations. With the First Nations-led Eagle Spirit Energy corridor in northern B.C., we are explicitly opposed to American ENGOs dictating government policy in our traditional territories in a manner that harms our communities, regions, the energy industry (the most import industry in Canada), and the Canadian economy. The liberal government was supposed to be supporting reconciliation–not perpetuating past failed colonial policies designed subjugate and marginalize indigenous peoples.”

The Council adds, “We support the First Nations-led Eagle Spirit Energy energy corridor because it would provide real-world sustainable benefits and own-source revenue and meaningful participation for the poorest communities in Canada through a project whose outcomes cannot be duplicated by government.”

With multiple groups now opposing the short-sighted actions taken by the Federal government including members of their voting base, it will be interesting to see if the bill passes its reading in the Senate and if the Trudeau government will continue to attack Canada’s already struggling energy sector.


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