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General but small lead for the Conservatives as NDP appear to be making gains largely at the cost of the Liberals and Green Party.

Opinion polling during the campaign period of 2019 Canadian federal election.svg
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Liberals: 32.2% 

Conservatives: 30.9%

NDP: 18.3% 

Green: 8.4%

BQ: 6.8%

PPC: 2.5%

OTH: 0.9%

*Source: CBC

Win potential

Lib Majority 9%
Lib Minority 46%
Con Minority 42%
Con Majority 3%

Liberal efficiency key:

While both the Wikipedia tracker and the CBC have shown the Conservatives leading in support at times, the CBC highlights a higher chance of victory for the Liberals due the party’s highly efficient voter distribution.

For the Conservatives to win, they will likely have to pull ahead by a farther margin.

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