On Friday, Citizenship and Immigration Canada released its tally for the number of interceptions in December. The newly released data shows a grand total of 20,593 asylum seekers were intercepted when crossing into Canada last year.

Once asylum claims made inland or at legal border crossing are also factored in, the total number of asylum claims made in Canada in 2017 stood at 49,775.

That’s the highest total seen in at least two decades.

In comparison, there were 37,845 claimants in the year 2000, and the highest volume before last year came in 2001, with a total of 44,695 asylum claimants.

While these numbers are quite high, 2018 will likely be just as if not more daunting.

At this moment over 300,000 individuals have lost their temporary protected status in the United States and could likely attempt to cross the northern border instead of being returned to their home country.

If even a noticeable minority of those 300,000 individuals attempts to cross the border we could see Canada’s current refugee system completely overwhelmed.

Most Liberals argue that the rate of border claimants has dropped, I’d like to argue that the weather has also hit -20. As the summer heats up we could see another large wave of asylum seekers, and it seems the government is doing nothing to truly prepare.

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  1. The RCMP is failing to do its job on border security. The RCMP is responsible for border security in between the various controlled crossings. Rather than doing their job, the Commissioner has essentially reduced itself to a valet service, carrying bags for illegal migrants.


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