15,000 on Canada’s deportation list as ‘uncooperative’ countries refuse to take citizens back

More than 15,000 foreign nationals are on Canada's deportation list, but many will not be sent back to their home countries as their governments refuse to accept them. 

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Thousands on Deportation List as Nations Refuse to Repatriate

More than 15,000 foreign nationals are on Canada’s deportation list, but many will not be sent back to their home countries as their governments refuse to accept them.

In a new startling CBC article, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) confirms some countries either delay or refuse to repatriate their citizens who are here illegally, but will not divulge which ones as it might “impact diplomatic negotiations.”

Although some countries do refuse to take back their citizens it should be noted that Canada does continue to push.

“CBSA does not give up; it continues to work with other government partners to put pressure on the country to accept their citizens back,”

“The CBSA also works with domestic and international partners to share best practices and develop engagement strategies to address uncooperative countries that fail to repatriate their citizens in a timely matter.”

One has to wonder though with over 15,000 individuals not being returned if the CBSA’s actions are aggressive enough. These individuals are by no means safe or acceptable to Canadian society and every minute that they spend on Canadian soil involves Canadian taxpayers covering their expenses. Foreign governments are taking advantage of the government’s soft tone and this is perhaps the most obvious example of it.

Its time to return these nationals, and its time for our government to become aggressive on issues such as this.

Context: The removal list includes rejected refugee claimants and those deemed inadmissible because of criminal background, a potential threat to public health or safety, or risk to national security.

Opposite Approach: Canada’s no-naming approach is not the norm. The U.S., publicly identifies, and in some cases, sanctions, countries that delay or refuse to repatriate their citizens.

List Composition: The list of 15,237 foreign nationals currently under orders to leave Canada is topped by Chinese (2,066), Indian (1,029) and American (977) citizens. It includes nationals from 180 countries, as well as 209 stateless persons and 28 whose citizenship is not captured in the CBSA system.

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