$1.2 Billion in Savings for CAQ Leader Legault’s Plan to Combat Wasted Tax Money

CAQ leadership unveils a plan to save tax-payers' money from being wasted in the public service industry.

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Leader of the Coalition Avenir de Québec, François Legault, is making a point to eliminate wasting good taxpayers’ money in a plan that will heavily promote quality of services over wasted unqualified quantity.  

The New Plan

According to Journal de Montréal, the chief Caquist is inspired to fight against wasted tax-money by reducing public service industry jobs by 1%.  If there are 500,000 jobs, 5,000 of which can be eliminated without adversely affecting the service.

One of his candidates who has a career history in the Montreal Economic Institute, Yuri Chassin, is in full accordance with Legault.  Chassin explains that it is not so much as making the government smaller as it is increasing the emphasis on the quality of public services using the job cut benefits to further help the broader community.

The Numbers

Overall, Legault’s plan is not to eliminate 5,000 employees, but to cut useless administrative officials who, as Legault says, “report on reports” («font des rapports sur des rapports») and hire more people into positions that actually provide services to citizens.

Legault considers that people will not lose their jobs, there will simply be positions that should not be replaced.  He discussed that in 2014 he was looking to slash 20,000 jobs from the public sector and in this case, he believes that the 5,000 job cut will be more than reasonable.

As per the report by Journal de Montréal, the CAQ leader believes he can compile $800 million dollars in savings in the next four years and help the Québec treasury save an additional $1.18 billion dollars.

A Future Option

The CAQ seems like the most viable conservative alternative to the Québec Liberal Party who have been in power since 2014.  More than any other candidate, Couillard, as Premier of Québec, has been subject to much scandal, including his most recent controversy with François Ouimet, a move that put him in hot water with his constituency.  

Even though the nationalist Conservative sympathizers in Québec would love for the Parti Conservateur de Québec to make waves, the reality of our tense political narrative is that the moderate-right Québecois have only a few options besides the CAQ; either voting for a left-leaning party that is totally against their political rhetoric, or endorsing too-far-right separatism like Parti Québcois that tarnishes any future cooperative provincial-federal dynamic.

The decision is a difficult one for many, but at least the CAQ has remained the most moderately right-leaning party, and consistent in the polls so far.


For more on this, visit us here at The Post Millennial and stay tuned to more on the 2018 Québec provincial elections.


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