According to allegations, Ryerson Student Union (RSU) has racked up over $250,000 of expenditures on alcohol, Airbnb’s and night clubs, all on the student’s dime.

Financial statements disclosed by Ryerson’s student paper The Eyeopener reveal that credit card payments under RSU President Ram Ganesh’s name were allegedly made irresponsibly.

Several purchases have been marked as suspicious and worthy of investigation:

  • $2,507.18: Rec Room (bar)
  • $2,280.89: Club EFS (nightclub)
  • $1,375.21: Nick’s Sports Shop (outdoor and gun store)
  • $955.15: LCBO
  • $613.60: Bar Everleigh (bar)
  • $347.34: Haze Lounge (bar)
  • $134.6: Casino Rama  

Another purchase of over $5,000 on alcohol has raised eyebrows among Ryerson administration and student members since it is illegal to provide or sell alcohol in Ontario without a liquor license.

Conveniently, executive members have not submitted any receipts for their purchases since coming into office in May.

RSU President Ram Ganesh claims that the statements were released without context and that all expenditures will be cleared up once financial statements are reconciled by the February 1st deadline.

A statement by Ryerson University claimed that the university’s “President Lachemi has written to the RSU Executive to request a meeting to discuss this matter”.

The recent allegations of student union fraud are nothing new in Ontario.

University of Ottawa Student Union executives were also accused of defrauding student funds. President Rizki Rachiq stands accused of defrauding students for $20,000 which he allegedly used on Audi repairs, hair salon visits and cash withdrawals.

A police report filed on the incident cited charges of scam, identity theft and fraud.

The Ryerson allegations came to the surface just after Premier Doug Ford announced changes for university funding, one of which included giving students the option to opt out of union fees, which are currently mandatory.