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Niki Ashton’s ridiculous SJW antics
Niki Ashton’s ridiculous SJW antics

Niki Ashton’s ridiculous SJW antics 

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Niki Ashton is an obscure NDP MP from Manitoba who is best known for losing the party’s leadership race to Jagmeet Singh.

She’s been characterized as obsessed with identity politics and politically correct on almost every position she holds.

Niki Ashton is like a walking, talking Tumblr blog with ready-made positions appealing to the furthest kooky fringes of the NDP alt-left.

Every time Ashton makes it into the media, it’s like watching a highlight reel of SJW talking points.

Niki Ashton supports Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro

In her latest run in with the media, Ashton took to Twitter to announce her support for Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan dictator implicated in the country’s most recent illegitimate elections.

Ashton, who accused Canada of standing with Trump’s “regime change agenda and Brazil’s fascist President” called for #HandsOffVenezuela.

Except the fact is that Canada is not only standing with the United States but the international community including the UN, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, and France.

Ashton seemed to take the cue from the NDP’s sad sack of a leader, Jagmeet Singh who also tweeted in support of Venezuela’s “free and fair” elections.

Niki Ashton was endorsed by a Holocaust-denier

During her failed NDP leadership bid, Niki Ashton was endorsed by an avowed anti-Semite.

On August 15th, Ashton received the public endorsement of Palestinian newspaper publisher Nazih Khataba who encouraged his followers to join the NDP and vote for her as a candidate.

Mr. Khataba has appeared on television and published articles questioning the historicity of the Holocaust and supporting attacks on Israel.

Although Ashton eventually disavowed the man’s comments, saying she does “not accept support from people who hold such views”, Mr. Khataba’s support is just a symptom of the kind of kooks her policies and stances attract.

Niki Ashton apologizes for appropriating Beyonce lyrics

In 2017, Ashton felt it necessary to acquiesce to Black Lives Matter protestors who accused her of culturally appropriating Beyonce lyrics after she encouraged NDP voters to move “to the left, to the left”.

Yes, Beyonce, the American cultural icon listened to by people all around the world? Have you heard of her?

Apparently, Ashton felt it necessary to apologize for using the lyrics of one of the largest symbols of pop culture and American mass consumerism.

On March 17, 2017, the Black Lives Matter twitter account tweeted at Ashton saying “Appropriating Black culture is not intersectional feminism,” and then proceeded to ask her to delete the tweet.

It’s not very clear what culture she was appropriating when tweeting Beyonce lyrics but Ashton felt it necessary to delete the tweet and reiterate her commitment to a platform “of racial justice”.

It seems that Niki Ashton’s platform was inclusive to just about everybody. Except Beyonce fans, I guess.

Niki Ashton wants to nationalize Canadian industry

As part of her move “to the left, to the left” Niki Ashton advocated for the nationalization of industries like the Port of Churchill, Manitoba.

Considering her view on socialist Venezuela, it’s no surprise that Ashton is in support for nationalizing Canada’s industries.

Somehow Ashton seems to believe that nationalization would go well for Canada. One has to only look at how Venezuela’s nationalization of its oil industries went, to realize what a terrible idea this would be.

After Venezuela’s leaders decided to nationalize the country’s major industries the nation was launched into a devastating GDP decline and inflation levels rising by one million per cent.

Apparently, this is Ashton’s conception of good and fair statesmanship.

Niki Ashton is the candidate for “young radicals” sick of “capitalism”

In an interview with  Ashton exuberantly jumped on the opportunity to announce that she was the candidate for “young radicals that are sick of Capitalist inequality”.

“Yes!” she exclaimed to the question.

For somebody who seeks to represent those sick of capitalism, Ashton seems to have quite benefited from such an oppressive system.

From the benefits of having a father who was a former cabinet minister to attending post-secondary school in Hong Kong and coordinating for the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Ashton has lived a life of relative privilege and affluence.

Niki Ashton rallied alongside Palestinian terrorist supporters

Niki Ashton is an avid supporter of Palestine, which also means that at times she’s gotten into questionable situations, like the time when she attended and spoke at a rally that featured placards of a convicted terrorist.

On May 16, 2017 Niki Ashton stood “in solidarity” with Palestinians mourning the “Nakba” (the year the state of Israel was founded).

At the rally, protestors held signs, while Niki Ashton spoke, depicting Ahmed Sa’adat, the leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a group that Public Safety Canada lists as a terrorist entity.

Sa’adat, who is also a far-left Marxist, was convicted of assassinating Israel’s Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi by Palestinian authorities in 2001.

Niki Ashton thinks women aren’t safe in the House of Commons

Soon after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau steamrolled over NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in what will forever be called “elbowgate”, Niki Ashton, eager to jump on an opportunity to gain publicity suggested that women were no longer safe in the House of Commons.

Despite the fact that Canada consistently ranks as one of the freest countries for women and has a large portion of women serving in positions of power and government, Ashton seems to think that Canada’s government is a dangerous place for women.

To make her case, Ashton claimed that her perspective came from a “gendered lens”.

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