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With common sense thinking, as opposed to the insanity of the corrupt establishment, this goal would be quite simple.

The Western world continues to face a serious threat from the ideology of Islamism. Whether it’s so-called ‘lone-wolf’ attacks, or small groups radicalizing themselves and seeking to carry out terrorist acts, there is still a clear and present danger.

That danger is being seen most recently in the specter of returning ISIS terrorists, who are somehow being let back into our country despite having joined one of the most evil groups of all times.

At the same time, we are also seeing a rise in hate crimes against Canadian Muslims. The horrific Quebec City Mosque shooting perpetrated by Alexandre Bissonnette was the most violent example of a rising level of hatred directed towards Muslim people in Canada.

According to police reports, hate-crimes against Muslims are up 151%, and violent hate crimes against Muslims have more than doubled.

What this makes clear is that the corrupt political establishment has totally failed

They’ve failed to protect our country from the threat of radical Islamism, and they’ve failed to protect Canadian Muslims from violence.

Of course, that’s because the establishment lacks common sense, and has taken the wrong steps at every possible opportunity.

This is something that must be fixed.

So, here are the five ways Canada can confront radical Islamism, while also combating hate towards our Muslim citizens.

1 – Block ISIS terrorists from returning to Canada

While many of our allies – such as the UK, US, France, and others, have used airstrikes and special forces to eliminate ISIS fighters overseas, and have stripped ISIS terrorists of citizenship and banned them from returning, the Trudeau government has been pathetically weak. They’re intent on letting ISIS killers come back to Canada and on overturning Conservative legislation that stripped terrorists of citizenship.

If terrorist killers are allowed to return to Canada, the danger to the Canadian People is severely increased, which is why changing the laws to strip ISIS terrorists of Canadian citizenship and keep them permanently out of Canada is a step that must be taken.

2 – Realize that censorship only makes things worse

While hateful rhetoric towards Muslims must be confronted and condemned, the use of government power to censor people only makes things worse. The problem is that censorship only pushes hateful attitudes further below the surface, where those attitudes can’t be fought.

Additionally, censorship of any discussion of Islam – which is clearly the direction the Trudeau government wants to go – goes totally against the founding Western principle of free speech and free expression.

After all, any idea or faith – including Islam – must be open to being criticized, discussed, and debated.

More speech, not less speech, is the answer.

3 – Leaders must speak honestly

Related to point number two, is that leaders must speak honestly. For example, some politicians refuse to even acknowledge that the ideology of radical Islamism is behind many terrorist acts. They turn themselves into pretzels in a tortured effort to avoid acknowledging the reality and end up looking like fools.

But that refusal to acknowledge reality is more than just foolish, it’s also dangerous for two big reasons.

First, it’s dangerous because a problem that isn’t acknowledged can’t be dealt with.

Second, it’s dangerous because there are a few unhinged people who seemingly decide to ‘take matters into their own hands’ when they think nobody is addressing a potential threat to the country.

The problem is that ‘taking matters into your own hands’ ends up turning into hate directed towards innocent Muslim Canadians just going about their lives. And while those who spread that hate are responsible for their actions, politicians are also responsible for the environment they create, and that environment must be based on dealing with problems, not pretending they don’t exist.

4 – Work with brave members of the Muslim community who have the courage to speak out

The media and political establishment gives almost no attention to the fact that there are people in the Muslim community who have spoken out against terrorism, and who courageously call for a conversation within the Muslim community about addressing the danger of radicalization.

Yet, those brave voices are not only ignored, but are in fact hampered by the politicians like Justin Trudeau who simply condemn and try to silence any discussion of Islam.

For example, when M-103 was being pushed, there were members of the Muslim community who warned that it would be used by Islamists to shut down the voices of moderates and reformers.

But the Trudeau government ignored that warning.

True leadership would be about strengthening ties to Muslim moderates and reformers, because that would do two important things.

It would reduce hate by showing that there is a broad spectrum of opinions in the Muslim community.

And it would help provide resources to those who are actually seeking to confront problems and have real, open, free conversations within Islam.

5 – Tougher punishments for hate crimes

Canada’s justice system is notoriously weak.

And the weak sentence of Alexandre Bissonnette was a clear example of that.

Bissonnette may get out of prison one day, despite his brutal murder of 6 innocent people.

That is insane.

While I personally would bring back the death penalty, anything short of that must be life in prison with no chance of any parole whatsoever.

After all, the families of the people killed by Bissonnette may one day have to return to court and be re-victimized all over again when he has hearings.

That should never happen.

Those who commit horrific, violent hate crimes need to face far tougher punishments, both as a deterrent, and as a clear message that our society has zero tolerance for it.

The five ideas I mentioned above are simple, common-sense ideas that everyone can basically agree on. It would make it easy for us to confront radical Islamism, and also reduce hate crimes against Muslim Canadians.

The problem is that our political establishment is full of pathetic fools, who wouldn’t understand ‘common-sense’ if it slapped them upside the head.

Common-sense needs to make a comeback, and if you agree with these ideas, send them to your MP in the hopes that they will do the right thing.

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